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40’th anniversary of the Earth Day event celebrated in Skopje

On April 25, 2010, Macedonia joined the global celebration of the international Earth Day. The event held under the motto "Collect PET for better world", attracted around 10.000 citizens in the City Park.

For the first time the event was organized by the Association of PET recyclers (PETRA) and Green Schools Project, in support of MDC-Ti.Net. This year PETRA decided to continue the tradition established by the USAID Plastic Recycling Project in partnership with the City of Skopje and Ministry of Environment and Physical Affairs.

At the 40th anniversary Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski; Minster of Environment and Physical Planning, Mr. Nexati Jakupi; donors and students spoke about achievements, challenges and future activities to be implemented for greater protection of environment.

The event begun with cleaning action at most frequent locations in the City Park led by students from 30 primary schools coming from different parts of Macedonia and several high schools. Myriad of activities were scattered from Fontana to Shkolka location. The PUC "Komunalna Higiena", organized mini- Olympic games that engaged primary school students from 10 schools from Skopje; high- schools students drew environmental messages while 20 Green Schools presented their activates at the boots throughout park. During the program, they had task to create eco- messages from recyclable materials. Event partners, environmental NGO's and corporate sponsors had an opportunity to present their activities as well.

Prominent singers: Biba Dodeva, Adelina Tahiri, Bravo Bend, Nade Talevska and others friends of the environment joined kids from primary schools in entertainment and promotion of environmental values.

Mayor of Skopje, Mr. Koce Trajanovski awarded all 20 Green Schools with certificate of appreciation for their contribution towards environmental protection and it's promotion.

This year, the event was enriched with participation of beneficiaries of NGO's "Poraka" and "Huma zrak", whose mission is support of persons with special needs. The NGO "Huma Zrak" organized humanitarian action titled "Heart for Jane". They had a fundraising action for 20 months baby Jane who will need treatment abroad. The beneficiaries of the NGO, created small hearts from recycled plastic and distributed them during the event.

Earth Day event was supported by several corporate sponsors that demonstrated their committing towards environmental themes: Euro Link Insurance, Ink. Skopje; Skopje Briary and Gorska.
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