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Project: "Inclusion of informal Roma waste collectors into the formal waste schemes"

Summary: There are around 5000 informal waste collectors in the country, almost all of them Roma, that are marginalized, discriminated and with limited social rights. Their inclusion in the formal waste management scheme at local government level will contribute towards enabling possibilities for them and their families to exercise their basic human rights: employment, education, social and health welfare. Firstly, by pooling capital, establishing microenterprises, and forming partnerships with compliance schemes, municipalities, public utility companies, informal waste collectors increase their selling power. Secondly, by securing uniforms, safety equipment, and work permits, informal collectors increase workplace dignity and safety. And thirdly, by demanding recognition for their environmental and economic contributions, informal collectors increase political might.

Start/End date: 12/2012-02/2014

Project fact sheet (download)
>Project title: Plastic recycling project
Summary: The objective of the USAID Plastic Recycling Project is to establish an efficient and economically viable Plastic (PET) Recycling Program implemented in Macedonia.
>Project title: Green Schools
Summary: Green School Activity is a pilot project for couching primary schools through a process of becoming green. It is implemented by the project partners USAID Primary Education Project (run by AED) and USAID Plastic Recycling Project (run by MDC Ti.Net). The pilot was implemented in the in following 5 primary schools in the Republic of Macedonia: Mirce Acev – Skopje, Drita – Saraj, Grigor Prlicev – Ohrid, Goce Delcev – Negotino, and Vidoe Podgorec – Strumica.
>Project title: Public awareness on plastic recycling
Summary: The goal of this project was organizing nation wide awareness campaign on appropriate selection, collection and recycling of plastic waste. For this purpose MC-Ti.NET mobilized wide network of partners and stakeholders who promoted recycling in their communities by organizing open air events, cleaning action in cooperation with the primary schools, distributing brochures, leaflets and posters. As well, MDC-Ti.Net created a video- clip that was promoted through media with national and local coverage.

>Project title: Protection and revitalization of natural resources
Summary: The goal of the project was promoting promotion
Period of implementation: 2008
Donor: Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning

>Project title: Improving package waste policies and system
Summary: The project aims to contribute towards improved policies on package waste and establishing of system for package waste collection and recycling. The goal was reached by strengthening the capacities of the legal entity of waste collectors and recyclers PETRA to propose and negotiate policy improvements to the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning, as well as to initiate establishing a system for package waste management in accordance with the existing capacities of the country. In order to educate the citizens on economical and environmental benefits from proper package waste treatment, polices and systems, and thus, to increase the public pressure on the central government for policy and system improvements, the project will conduct a public awareness campaign.
>Project title: My Voice- My Ballot
Summary: The aim of the project was to raise awareness by educating university students, especially female voters on their rights to vote, issue of proxy and family voting and benefits of dialogue as a principle of communication in the democratic societies.
>Project title: Improvement of Law on Packaging and waste packing
Summary: In order to achieve maximum impact, MDC-Ti.Net will implement the proposed activities in two phases. In the first phase we will launch partnership with the Ministry of Environment in the process of drafting and implementing the Law of Packaging and Waste Packaging.
>Project title: MDC-Ti.Net and Municipality of Zajas act jointly in prevention of Domestic Violence
Summary: As of May 2010, MDC-Ti.Net was awarded a grant by UNFPA Program on Domestic Violence, for implementing community outreach program in the Municipality of Zajas. The project goal is strengthening capacities of the Municipality of Zajas to recognize cases of domestic violence among the institutions and inhabitants to act upon in cooperation and coordination against this societal problem.


Client services
Local Economic Development
Environmental protection
Inclusion of marginalized groups
Forming  public - private partnership of informal collectors
Law on packaging and waste packaging:
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