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Areas of expertise

MDC-Ti.Net consists of professional staff and wide network consultants in specific areas of action.

In order to respond to the needs of our wide target group MDC-TI.Net is active in three broad areas of expertise:

  1. Local Economic Development
  2. Environmental protection
  3. Inclusion of marginalized groups
  4. Forming public - private partnership of informal collectors
Strategic priorities
  1. Mobilizing communities for achieving social change and sustainable development
  2. Lobbying and Advocacy for inclusion of marginalized groups and improving their living standard
  3. Capacity Building of partners and stakeholders for active participation in processes that will transform communities in vibrant environment that lives no one behind
Client services
Local Economic Development
Environmental protection
Inclusion of marginalized groups
Forming  public - private partnership of informal collectors
Law on packaging and waste packaging:
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ENG version (download)