>Project title: Plastic recycling project
Summary: The objective of the USAID Plastic Recycling Project is to establish an efficient and economically viable Plastic (PET) Recycling Program implemented in Macedonia.

The project consisted of several components:
* Support collection and recycling companies in developing their business and obtaining environmental certification documentation
* Implement PET collection program in municipalities;
* Create public awareness through public campaigns on national and local level;
* Build municipal capacities in plastic waste management (including training in how to apply for IPA funds);
* Establish Plastic Recycling Association PETRA.
* Assist the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning to develop and implement a Law on Packaging Waste that will institutionalize the recycling industry.

Through the PRP following was achieved:
* Advanced public awareness in environmental protection: Introduced educative curricula on plastic recycling in primary schools and intensive media outreach; Annual Earth Day festivals.
* Developed a business model and job creation for recycling industry: Increased collection of PET waste from 350 tons in 2005 to 6,000 tons in 2008; generated earnings for 5,000 people in the industry.
* Introduced international experience in Municipal plastic waste strategies;
* Initiated compliance with national environmental legislative for 10 companies.

* Two of the four recycling companies continued to operate in 2009 in spite of the negative impact of the global economic crises on the price and demand for recycled materials.
* The Law on Packaging Waste that regulates the “producers’ responsibility” to organize the collection and recycling of PET will be fully implemented in 2012. Macedonia will start to adhere to EU recycling targets in 2018.
* Municipalities that introduced the PET Collection Program recognize its benefits. Several Municipalities led by city of Skopje made budget revisions to purchase additional 400 PET containers.

* Sustainable programs for Municipal Plastic waste collection and recycling schemes developed in 24 municipalities, model available to be replicated by other municipalities.
* Established dialog between the business community and the national and local authorities.
* Recycling businesses equipped and trained to ensure growth of the recycling industry. Period of implementation: 2005- 2009

Law on packaging and waste packaging:
* MK version (download)
* ENG version (download)


Client services
Local Economic Development
Environmental protection
Inclusion of marginalized groups
Forming  public - private partnership of informal collectors
Law on packaging and waste packaging:
MK Version (download)
ENG version (download)