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>Project title: MDC-Ti.Net and Municipality of Zajas act jointly in prevention of Domestic Violence
Summary: As of May 2010, MDC-Ti.Net was awarded a grant by UNFPA Program on Domestic Violence, for implementing community outreach program in the Municipality of Zajas. The project goal is strengthening capacities of the Municipality of Zajas to recognize cases of domestic violence among the institutions and inhabitants to act upon in cooperation and coordination against this societal problem.

The assessment conducted prior applying for the grant have shown that there is lack awareness, knowledge and skills to recognize and to act upon domestic violence in the Municipality of Zajas. As well there is lack of coordination and cooperation between the relevant community stakeholders to act upon the identified cases of domestic violence. Victims of this situation are in most cases children. Taking these facts into consideration, special emphasis will be given to increasing awareness of the teachers and inclusion of the schools in the activities of the Local Coordination Body.

For responding to detected challenges, MDC-Ti.Net in cooperation with the Municipality of Zajas will implement flowing activities: 1) Establish Local Coordination Body for developing municipal action plan for prevention of domestic violence 2) Organize public forums where the issue of DV shall be discussed 3). Organize regular informal meetings between female leaders in the community (doctors, teachers, religious figures) and female population 4) Training for recognize domestic violence and to act upon identified cases of domestic violence targeting primary school teachers; 5) Facilitate linkages and encouraging networking between the Local Coordination Body of Zajas and active structures in neighboring municipalities (Kicevo, Oslomej, Debar and Centar Zupa)

As an outcome, Manual for detecting and preventing Domestic Violence will be created and distributed to the Primary Schools at the Municipality. It is expected that the Local Coordination Body for prevention of Domestic Violence will establish a system for improved coordination between institutions on municipal level and will continue monitoring the system beyond project life.

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