>Project title: My Voice- My Ballot
Summary: The aim of the project was to raise awareness by educating university students, especially female voters on their rights to vote, issue of proxy and family voting and benefits of dialogue as a principle of communication in the democratic societies.

The target group involved university students from the faculty of law at the St Ciril and Methodius University, South-East European University and Tetovo State University, especially female voters, young members of political parties, youth NGO’s and media representatives.

The activities included following components: training- organizing Winter school for 50 students from three state universities; awareness campaign- three roundtables to be organized and preparation and distribution of written materials (Training Tool Kit and Guidebook), including brochures, leaflets, posters. The training content addressed following topics: Declaration of Human Rights, emphasis on right to secret vote; successful young women promoting values of secret vote; dialogue verses violence. The round-table discussions will address the issue of proxy and family voting and actions how this irregularities to be avoided.

Following topics were elaborated in the Guidebook: Basics of the right to vote; Family and proxy voting- violation of the right to vote; Voting process and voters rights the day before voting procedure; Voters rights at the day of voting and voting procedure; Voting by those unable to go through the process alone; Legal protection of the right to vote; Responsibilities of voters for misuse of the right to vote.

Period of implementation:  February- March, 2009
Donor: United Nations Development Program, UNDP

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