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Berovo recycling program, "Don't mess up with nature and image of Berovo"

On October 9, 2010, MDC-Ti.Net in partnership with the Municipality of Berovo, promoted the new established plastic PET recycling skim. Working group consisted of municipal personnel, representatives of the Public Utility Company “Usluga”, local business sector,  NGO “Zdravec” and teachers from the elementary schools, prioritized the need for establishing such program. Taking into consideration that Berovo possess huge potential for development of rural and mountain tourism, both municipal leadership and citizens are strongly committed towards promoting and applying eco- friendly values.

The kick off event organized at the Berovo city square, gathered municipal leaders, citizens and tourists. In his speech, Mayor of Berovo Mr. Dragi Naginski expressed commitment of the municipality to continue investing in environmental protection and recycling.

Students from the local “Green Clubs” organized huge parade through the city main streets. Huge enthusiasm and creativity were all-around. Through the project life students created message boards, drawings, songs and masques celebrating nature. “Be fair with nature- Recycle”, “Shouldn’t   we take responsibility- one PET bottle needs 1000 years to decompose”- were some of the key messages placed at the message boards. Guest star of the event was young pop- star Vlatko Lozanoski.
Through this project 30 containers for selection of plastic waste were purchased, as well: one press for decreasing volume of collected plastic PET waste and 700 plastic bags for selection of plastic PET waste in households. For promoting values of recycling, education classes for students at the elementary schools were implemented.
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